Share Counts Sharing counts on facebook/twitter/google+


Share Counts plugin can obtain sharing counts of an URL on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Platforms. It is very simple to use, also you can enable caching feature and store sharing counts during a period of time for a better performance.


Share Count

This plugin can obtain sharing count of an URL on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Platforms


Note: We suggest you to select minimum "Daily" as Cache Timeout for performance matters. Also do not forget to select right timezone for right results.


Share Count plugin can get sharing count of a webpage on Facebook/Twitter/Google+

You just need to add Share Count Component to a page which you need to show counts on.

Note: Please do not forget to select a webpage in "Webpage to Show Count" dropdown.


How to show counts?

Use "ComponentName".facebook | twitter | googleplus for show specific sharing counts.

For showing Facebook count of an URL:

{{ shareCount.facebook }}

For showing Twitter count of an URL:

{{ shareCount.twitter }}

For showing Google Plus count of an URL:

{{ shareCount.googleplus }}


Supported Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +